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www.tellbanfield.com – ABOUT BANFIELD PET HOSPITAL – This pet hospital is a private hospital dealing in the treatment of domestic animal clinics based in Vancouver, committed to offering top-quality care for your pet. Having 2.5 million pets’ information at their clinic, a centralized medical records database.

Their services include dental care, behavior, nutrition vaccinations.




It was established by warren J wegert in 1995 in northeast portland, Oregon. In 1996 the company met its success and their business was expanded in 159 locations over 18 states. Now for more than 65 years, they are investing in taking care of the pets. 


If you find it difficult to find the nearby hospital then just visit www.banfield.com which is their official site. In the bottom section click on the HOSPITAL&AMP SERVICES- and there you can choose the hospital locator. 

You can also go according to your area code, city, state. 

You can also book an appointment from the website. 

But for booking an appointment you need to login into your account and if you are using it for the first time then you need to create an account for yourself.  


It is a people feedback survey which is done by the company to know about their quality of service they provide. A  way to know what their customers want, if their service makes the people happy or not.

The reason behind taking these survey-

To know what the people really want from them.

Improvement the quality of their service, according to the people

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Any negative comment makes them work better on their flaws

The customers can directly tell them about their opinion of likes and dislikes.

An easy way to stay in touch with the people and know about their choices.


It always encourages its valuable people to take part in the survey which is organized for them. They even offer good prizes. You can even win $2000 cash in the check form


There are some rules to be followed while taking these kinds of survey

You can only go for this survey only if you are a resident of the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

You should be 13 old year and above.

You must have a device like a pc, or smartphone which would connect you to the Banfield pet hospital client experience survey.

English is the only language therefore you must clearly understand English.

You must have a recent receipt from the store to take part in the survey.

After visiting the store, you must take the survey within 7 days.

This survey is only for the people not for their employer or employee family members.

After the end of the survey, you would receive a validation code and if you don’t redeem it then it would become invalid.


First things first log in to their official website www.tellbanfield.com

Next, type in the survey code given on your given receipt.

Next 0n  click on the “start survey”

Now you will get some simple question regarding your experience

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Here are some basic questions like rate the quality service, behavior of the staff, speed of the service, cleanliness of the store.

After answering these question you need to submit your answers by clicking on the submit button

After the submission of the answer you need to provide them with your personal details like personal contact, phone number, email id, etc also always go with your own experience and be truthful as your answers remain confidential.

Last but not least you would receive a validation code that you need to save. This code can help you get a discount on your next visit.

Wait for them to announce the winner, if you turn the winner they would contact you with your details provided.


You can also take a mailin method to enter your name in this survey. Follow the steps

First things firsthandprint your name, your complete address, your telephone number. Your age on the standard size piece of paper.

Place the hard print inside an envelope.

Now you can mail that envelope to Banfield client experience Sweepstakes, PMI Station, PO Box 3577, Southbury, CT 064883577.

While in the mailing process you can write your feedback about their services that you feel. but also make sure that your mail reaches them. And if you win you will be contacted further about redeeming the prize.


It has good customer service which keeps a good track of your quires, questions, etc. they also make it easy for the people as they solve your questions. They have a strong customer support team which makes your life easier.

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Contact details are provided below


PHONE; 866-935-5738

You can call them directly to discuss your pet”s wellness at 888 445 7387

Email- [email protected]


Banfield pet hospital”s survey site – www.tellbanfield.com

Banfield pet hospital website – www.banfield.com 

It is a private largest owned veterinary practice in the United States. Banfield gives you the surety of a top-quality treatment for your pets. For the latest information, you can follow the social media accounts like Facebook Twitter, and Instagram.

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